Select a Plan To Proceed

1-Day Free Trial
One-day free access only per account
For 1 day
/ 40 minutes

The Silver Plan includes:

  • Academic Advising (1 session)
  • Career Counseling (1 session)
  • Mental Health Support (1 group session)
  • Workshops and Seminars (Access to 2 events)
Monthly Membership
/ 8 hours

The Gold Plan includes:

  • Academic Advising (Up to 4 sessions per month)
  • Career Counseling (2 sessions per month)
  • Mental Health Support (2 individual sessions per month)
  • Workshops and Seminars (Access to 4 events per month)
  • Details of online courses
  • Details on available internships (additional fee may apply)
  • Reading materials
  • CV preparation
  • Soft skills training (up to 4 session per month)
Yearly Membership
/ year

The Platinum Plan includes:

  • Academic Advising (Unlimited sessions - Each session will be timed to 40 mins)
  • Career Counseling (Unlimited sessions - Each session will be timed to 40 mins)
  • Mental Health Support (Unlimited individual and group sessions)
  • Workshops and Seminars (Unlimited access)
  • Internship Assistance for high school students(Comprehensive support with a dedicated advisor, networking events, and interview preparation)
  • Details on Online certificate courses
  • Reading materials will be shared
  • CV preparation
  • LinkedIn profile activation and guidance on networking through LinkedIn
  • Soft skills training
  • Interview guidance
  • Personal statements and essay writing trainings
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